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BY Wita | 24/07/2013 | In the studio
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Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!

If you are following my instagram, you might have seen some pictures of my workspace.

I have an extra bedroom in my house, and since I’m not planning to have a baby anytime soon, I decided to convert it into a workspace. I believe that it’s important to keep the place where you do your work personal and inspiring.

I’ve started working on this workspace since March this year, and it’s only 80% done. There are still 2 sections that I want to work on. But I just can’t wait to share the pictures with you!

Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!

The whale cushion was my mom’s. She bought it when I was three. So they sort of have sentimental values to me. Every time I look at them it brings me back to my childhood.

I absolutely love that blue chair. It’s a re-painted old chair I bought from the Winterfair (Canberra’s annual winter market). If you like the wolf (or fox) couple print, it’s by Canberra artist, Juliette Dudley.

Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!The floating shelves are where I put my favorite things. Vinyl toys, prints, and you might see some of the DIYs I’ve done for the blog.

Let’s take a closer look at some of my vinyl toys collection:

Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!

I have been collecting vinyl toys since I was 16. I actually have a lot more than what you see here. Some of them were given by friends on my birthday. It’s kinda easy to shop a present for my birthday. I would never dislike a vinyl toy!

The Melbourne poster is by Supertrooper Studio. When I saw the poster, I HAD to buy it. Melbourne is my favourite city in the world, and it’s a city I used to call home. I have to own a piece of Melbourne in my personal space.

Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!

That huge pinboard from Kikki.K is where I pin pictures that fits my vision in life and in design (except for the INK REFILLS list, it’s just there for convenience).

Lastly, here are some of my favorite things on my desk, and where they are from:

Wita Puspita Workspace via Design is Yay!

Logo Stamp | Mouse Pad | Magic Mouse | Pens | Notepad | iPhone Cover | Folded Pen Case | Washi Tapes

Hope you enjoy the tour of my workspace!

  • Love love love your work space!

    I have a spare bedroom as well that I’m looking to convert, I’m a bit over balancing my laptop on my lap on the couch! :)

  • such a wonderful workspace!

  • Who is the artist of the octopus girl and red monster/demon toy! I love those!

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  • Laura

    Where is the …(i don’t now his name -> on the left side by the Printer) from? And can I ask you what it. is for?
    And I wandet To ask you Where You Print your creations? By some Special Company or your Own Printer?
    Lovely regards from Germany,

    • Hi Laura,
      Are you talking about the file folders? It is from Kikki.K, and I use it to place my folders containing documents :)

      And I actually print my design using that particular printer you see in the picture, it’s a Canon MG 6250, it’s a very useful printer and it produce high quality prints. It’s quite an old printer, so I’m pretty sure they’ve come up with new models that replaces that one


  • I love this space, It’s so colourful and fun and inspiring. My workspace is in the dining room unfortunately so it’s not so easy to make it my own but this post has inspired me to think more about it… I know the feeling of wanting to post photo’s of a room before it is ‘complete’. I actually finally took photo’s of my daughters room today for a post I hope to complete soon. I think I started working on decorating her room this time last year, so it’s been a while coming and I am so excited for this project to FINALLY culminate. Did you get to finish this space? or did it have to make room for the baby? I would love to see it either way :)