DIY Toy House Wallpaper & Free Pattern

BY Wita | 13/01/2015 | Creative Life
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Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY
I am 28 years old woman who still play with toys. If you don’t think I’m weird, then we should be friends :)

I have been collecting vinyl toys (or in their younger years people call them “designer toys”) ever since I was in my first year uni. I bought my first vinyl toys at the Semi Permanent 2004 in Sydney. Ever since then, I’m kinda addicted to opening blind boxes. My friends often buy me blind boxes for my birthday too.

One evening not too long ago, I went to Kmart and found this wooden dollhouse.

Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

So I had a great idea to buy a home for some of my vinyl toys. However, as you can see the design is quite plain and there’s that very cheesy quote….

Anyway, I decided to put wallpaper inside the toy house and make it more stylish. As you all know, I love simple DIYs. This DIY is very suitable for kids too (a school holiday project maybe?). And of course, kids would love to have a house for all their favourite toys! Here is how I did it in 3 simple steps:

Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

1. For this project, you need: a plain wooden doll house or toy house, tracing paper, scissors, mod podge or super glue and the toy house wallpaper patterns.
2. Trace the shape and size of the toy house that you want to put wallpapers on with the tracing paper.
3. Cut the lines that you have drawn on tracing paper on top of the pattern paper of your choice. Adhere the pattern paper to the toy house background using Mod Podge or Super Glue. Easy!

Now, where can I get the toy house wallpaper from, you ask? There are a lot of options to choose from, depending on your pattern/colour preferences. You can use:

Do you like easy DIY projects like this? What other easy DIY projects have you done?

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Wallpaper the toy house | DESIGN IS YAY

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  • Noushin

    Adorable!! I’ll turn 28 in 18 days too, and I still can’t stop loving toys either! Ha ha! :)

  • Such a fun idea!

  • This is so fun! I don’t have any toys, but these are so cute. Makes me want to start collecting too :) And now I see where you got the idea for your avatar!

  • I love how you display your adorable toy collection – the wooden dollhouse is such a great find!

  • I got it in the home wares department in November last year. However, I feel that Kmart is changing their products really quickly (too quickly TBH), and the products that I see and want today might not be available next week. I wanted to buy another toy house for my other toys but they are not available anymore :(