Turkey Rosettes Seating Card on A Subtle Revelry

BY Wita | 19/11/2015 | Holidays
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Turkey Rosettes Seating Card on A Subtle Revelry | DESIGN IS YAY!

Even though I’m not very familiar with the concept of Thanksgiving, I am delighted when Victoria from A Subtle Revelry requested that I do a Turkey-themed printable for her blog, A Subtle Revelry. The concept of Thanksgiving is pretty new here in Australia, and it’s certainly almost non-existing in my home country, Indonesia. I actually love the idea or family or friends getting together to celebrate one day to be thankful for. I hope that I would be able to do a “Friendsgiving” dinner with my friends one day. But regardless, I’m a firm believer that we should be thankful about what we have each and every day.

I really enjoyed creating this printable! So I really hope that you guys will do too.

Download and find out how to create these Turkey Rosettes over on A Subtle Revelry!