Umbrella Drink Stirrers on A Subtle Revelry

BY Wita | 10/02/2015 | Food
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In case you don’t know, today we are celebrating Umbrella Day. Even though I am not sure why we need to dedicate a special day for Umbrellas, but I am grateful for their existence. Without them, what is going to cover us from horrible weather? And also, umbrellas make our drinks more pretty.

Umbrella Drink Stirrers by Wita Puspita on A Subtle Revelry | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have created these umbrella drink stirrers for A Subtle Revelry, a popular printable and DIY website based in the U.S.

Go over to their website now to download your printable umbrella drink stirrers!


  • Noushin

    How cute! :)

  • Maritza

    These are so adorable. Love them!