Do you know what’s the most popular post on Design is Yay of 2014 was? It’s the Year of Colour Printable Calendar. I know how much you guys love it, and I hate to let the illustrations go to waste. So I have updated the dates, and you can now have them as printable 2015 calendar. I have also made some tiny improvements that makes the calendar better looking than ever!

Printable 2015 Calendar Year of Colour | DESIGN IS YAY!Printable 2015 Calendar Year of Colour | DESIGN IS YAY!

You can have a look at full design details on the good ol’ Printable 2014 Calendar. I am already decorating my 2015 planner with this calendar. You can put them together in a box and give them as christmas gift too! How did you use yours in 2014? Let me know on the comment below :)

Download Here | DESIGN IS YAY!

Please read before you download


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  • Alessia Bugatti


  • Alessia Bugatti

    I love yor 2014 calendar, I use for my kitcken and my diary agenda! I wait for 2015 calendar :-)

    • Wita | Design is Yay!

      Thank you :) There will be planner calendar coming up as well, so stay tune!

  • Toni

    Love the Instagram photobox, when I finally get around to fixing or replacing my troublesome printer I’ll definitely try that.

    • Wita | Design is Yay!

      Thank you, Toni. You can use it to contain those beautiful travel pictures of yours!

  • Yola

    The printable that I’m downloading doesn’t seem to be updated. It is already the 2014 calendar.
    Thank you for helping!!!

    • Wita | Design is Yay!

      Probably you should check again because it is updated on my end. Make sure that you’re downloading from the 2015 calendar page, not the 2014 one. Thanks

  • emanuelamylittleinspirations

    Very cute! I featured it in my 2015 free printable calendars selection on my blog.
    Happy New Year!

    • Wita | Design is Yay!

      oooh thank you so much for featuring it on your blog! Happy New Year!

  • Wita | Design is Yay!

    Thank you Mariëlle!

  • Guest

    dates are not correct but I love what you’ve done!

  • Jacq

    I’m downloading the 2015 but the dates aren’t correct. Love what you’ve done though!

    • Wita | Design is Yay!

      Hi Jacq,
      which month is not correct? I’ve checked again just now and they are all correct. But I might be missing something…. Thanks

  • Wita | Design is Yay!

    Hi Jacq,
    But January does start on a Thursday, February on Sunday, etc. Please tell me I’m not crazy :D

    • Jacq

      I know that but the printable did not. I give up. Thanks anyway.

  • Jels

    Thanks for the calendar! Will you be updating it for 2016? Please do :)