Wanderlist : Kyoto, Japan

BY Wita | 22/10/2014 | Travel
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Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!

We are hearing from Amanda Thomas from NZ about her beautiful journey to Kyoto, Japan. Follow Amanda’s instagram account for snapshots about the things that she loves (cats, books, nature, coffee & her husband).

Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!

1.    Tell us about your trip to Kyoto, Japan.

My husband and I went to Japan, just for a holiday. It’s always been one of the places we’ve wanted to go to most. We visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka, but Kyoto was our favourite.

2.    What do you like about Kyoto?

We loved the history and the scenery and the amazing food. We had so many amazing experiences in Kyoto including feeding monkeys, seeing real life Geisha, going on a rickshaw ride through a bamboo forest, visiting temples and eating delicious tofu based meals.

Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!

3.    Tell us one best experience/moment you had there.

I loved the day when we fed the monkeys. We hiked to the top of a huge hill and once we got there we could see the whole of Kyoto. Not only was the view stunning but there were monkeys everywhere and it was just a surreal experience. Definitely hard to walk away!

Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!

4.    Five places/activities/eats recommended by you.

1. Visit the monkey park called Iwatayama
2. Go for a rickshaw ride through the bamboo forest
3. Explore all the hidden streets and alleyways around the Yasaka Pagoda area – lots of amazing food and knick knacks to be found
4. Visit the Golden Pavillion and take part in a tea ceremony. We also lit prayer candles at the alter and thew coins for good luck!
5. Take a walk through the bamboo paths of Fushimi Inari Shrine

Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!

5.    Where would you like to go next?

Next we’d like to have a relaxing island holiday where we snorkel, sleep, read books and enjoy sunshine and outdoors!

Wanderlist: Kyoto, Japan | DESIGN IS YAY!


All images are courtesy of Amanda Thomas.
Thanks Amanda for sharing your journey with us! Love travelling? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at submissions@designisyay.com with a little story about the best trip you’ve had in your life.