Wanderlist: Stockholm, Sweden

BY Wita | 05/09/2014 | Travel
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Wanderlist Stockholm, Sweden | DESIGN IS YAY!

Below we’ll hear from Thania, owner of The Spot Bali, about her honeymoon adventure in Stockholm, Sweden. 

1.    Are you a local or a traveller?
I’m a tourist. The moment I landed at the airport and boarded the train to the city, I bought the Stokcholm City Card (Stockholmkortet) that would allow me to board to any public transportation facilities and free entries to several places of interest for three days. 

2.    When were you in Stockholm, and on what purpose?
People said that I should have visited Stockholm in the summer to witness their midnight sun that can’t be seen at anywhere else in the world other than Scandinavian countries. But I never regret the decision that I made to visit the country in the December winter. The wind might be a little too strong but the occasional snow shower is lovely. With all the Christmas decorations, lighting and the natural pine trees, it’s like a winter wonderland dream come true. A girl who lives in a tropical country surely will not want to miss this moment, especially for her honeymoon. 

Wanderlist Stockholm, Sweden | DESIGN IS YAY!

3.    What do you like about Stockholm?

The People. Swedish are friendly, knowledgeable and they have a very root on being a Swedish.
Stockholm is beautiful. With islands interconnected by sea waters and bridges to create a city, people often rely on ferries to get to other parts of the island, which is interestingly different. The city is planned like a town, with each island has its own “downtown”. The roads are small and there are a lot of small alleys that bring you to a bridge where once you cross over, you will be at another island.
The Swedish truly take pride in their bilingual education system (English and Swedish) and thanks to that there were barely any language barrier.

Wanderlist Stockholm, Sweden | DESIGN IS YAY!

4.    One best experience/moment you had.

The moment I had in Photography Museum. My husband was asking for recommendations on which places to visit, and one of which he suggested us to go to Photography Museum. I thought “ah, this might be boring”. I’m not into photography, but my husband kept on insisting going there.
If you’re not into photography, like me you can skip the exhibitions and proceed to the cafetaria (of course I didn’t skip. We were on our honeymoon and we were practicing our “for better for worse” while he enjoyed the pictures of African Wildlife). The Cafetaria has a big window overlooking at the one of the many waters that connect the islands which make up the city of Stockholm. We were very lucky to get the seats by the window. We bought a cup of coffee and cakes in the afternoon and watched the sun set at 3pm in the winter afternoon. It was a “zen” moment to sit and watch all the movements across the island laid before your eyes through the big glass window.
Wanderlist Stockholm, Sweden | DESIGN IS YAY!

5.    Five places/activities/eats recommended by you.

Have a “Fika”
A Swedish term that basically implies having a cup of coffee accompanied by sweet pastries. The Swedish love the idea of chit-chatting in the afternoon or post-office hours over a cup of cafes and cinnamon buns, so why not be a Swedish and enjoy their yummies pastries and cakes? Café Art at Västerlånggatan 60 (Gamla Stan) serves the best rhubarb and blueberry pies. Their location under the basement can be easily missed. Urban Coffee (also at Gamla Stan) has some good tea lattes and home-made cookies. 

Museum Hopping
Stockholm is a city that hosts more than a hundred museums in its city, by far it is the city with the most number of museums in the world. The birthplace of Nobel Prize, Nobel Museum is then a must to visit. Otherwise, a walk around Djurgården island will bring you to a lot of fascinating museums from ABBA Museum (Thank you for the music!) , The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Muséet) and Vasa Warship Museum which showcase a very impressive warship that was shamefully sunken before dedicating its service. A lot of the museums are free with the Stockholm City Card. 

 Shop some Swedish Design 
Sweden is known for its notable designs, it may be fashion, home or furniture. Independent artists open up their shops and galleries in busy shopping streets of Stockholm like the Östermalm area. Ikea might be something you want to skip, though I’m sure a visit to one of the biggest furniture chain won’t hurt to sate the curiosity of how an Ikea looks like in its hometown.
A college town located north of Stockholm will give you a glimpse of Swedish college life. If you ever read a book “The Girl with Dragon Tattoo” (and its sequels) by Stieg Larsson, the name may sound familiar. Traveling to Uppsala requires less than an hour train ride and a walk around the town is too lovely to be passed.
Christmas Market
We were indeed lucky to be there during the holiday season and we did not pass the chance to visit one of the many Christmas Markets in the city. The Christmas Market at Gamla Stan sold home-made traditional lingonberry juice, Christmas home garlands, and chocolate fondues while a group of teen schoolers sing the Swedish Christmas folk songs and Christmas popular songs. Oh, what a lovely moment!
Wanderlist Stockholm, Sweden | DESIGN IS YAY!


All images are taken by Thania.
Thanks Thania for the beautiful story about your journey! Love travelling? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at submissions@designisyay.com with a little story about the best trip you’ve had in your life.

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