What’s in your Book Pile?

BY Wita | 10/11/2014 | Girlboss
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Mikaela Danvers from The Makers’ Collective tagged me to share what’s in my book pile. So, here they are!What's in My Book Pile | DESIGN IS YAY!

I have to admit one thing though, I hate reading. I have the attention span of a fish, and I just cannot go through one whole book without being impatient, then annoyed and skip to the end. I actually know the ending of the third Hunger Games book, without knowing how did they all get there. That’s what movies are for, right?

There are certain books that grabs my attention from the beginning. I have read a few Haruki Murakami books from beginning till the end, he is my favourite writer. I love Gillian Flynn books because I love female psychos! But other than those, nope… can’t do it. Having said that, I really would rather watch movies than read.

So, my book pile consist of books that I use for design inspiration purposes (from left to right)

1. “Color Basic” – this book is my life saviour. I bought it from a printing seminar in Indonesia many many years ago. It’s full of colour references and how will the CMYK percentages translate from screen to print. If you’re a print designer, I recommend that you try getting a book like this.

2. I own a few “How to Draw” Japanese books, not because I cannot draw, but I just can’t get enough of buying them from Kinokuniya! I love how their illustrations are so effortless but cute. I also hope that one day I will publish my own “How to Draw” books in English :)

3. I sometimes write my goals and dreams into this Kikki K Goals Journal. The book is just so pretty, I couldn’t resist buying it!

4. Extracurricular is my favourite magazine. Not only because it’s the same size of a book (easy to carry in my handbag), but it’s a magazine for creatives professionals. They interview creative professionals to share stories about their career and experiences. Also, their covers are always so cute!

5. Blog Inc is a book about starting a blog by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! I read this book when I just started Design is Yay, and I find it to be really useful and informative. I still refer to this book from time to time when I’m feeling stuck with blogging.

6. Print & Pattern is my go-to book when I’m in need of illustration inspirations.

7. I just purchased Happy Handmade Home by the ladies from A Beautiful Mess recently. The book inspires me to do more creative things with my home! Plus, most of their DIYs are quite doable, I don’t need to break my fingers doing it.

If you would like to share what’s in your book pile (there’s no deadline on this, you can share whenever!), check out this post by The Makers’ Collective, and you can add your link at the end of her post.

  • Cindy V

    I really enjoyed reading this post, inspiring actually!