Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets

BY Wita | 04/02/2016 | Cards & Stationery
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Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets | DESIGN IS YAY!

Chinese New Year is coming soon (February 8th), and this year we’re welcoming the year of Monkey.

If you’re not familiar with Chinese horoscope, there are 12 animals in the horoscope, and each animal gets to rule once every 12 years. So for those of you who were born in 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 or 2004, you were born in the year of monkey. People born in the year of monkey are known to be smart and intelligent, especially when it comes to career and wealth. As you may have known, it’s a special year for me because my first baby is going to be born in the year of monkey!

During Chinese New Year, it is customary for married couples to give red packets, or hong baos to younger and unmarried family members, especially children. The red packets should contain some cash,but it doesn’t matter how much you’re willing to give. Traditionally, the colour of the packet/envelope has to be red, because red is a symbol of good luck, fortune, health and wealth in Chinese tradition (yes, we’re all about the money! haha). In this modern day, there are more “red” packets in all kinds of colours and design.

Other than during Chinese New Year, red packets are also given as, or instead of, wedding presents, baby gifts or moving house gifts.

As you know, I love putting an untraditional spin on holiday traditions. I have created Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets in my favourite colours, light blue, light grey and yellow. They also comes with cheeky monkey faces stickers.

Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets | DESIGN IS YAY!

Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets | DESIGN IS YAY!

Download the Year of Monkey Red Packets and stickers template, and open using Adobe Reader (free download). Print pages 1-3 on your normal A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm or 8 x 11″) print & copy paper, or photo paper that is no thicker than 140 gsm. Page 4 with the monkey faces stickers should be printed on sticker paper, or you can use the same paper as the first 3 pages and stick using double sided tape.

Cut the packet templates according to their shapes, and fold along the separation lines. Stick double sided tapes on part with “Adhere Here”. Use the cheeky monkey faces to seal the packet openings, and slip some inside together with cash for a little surprise!

Year of Monkey Printable Red Packets | DESIGN IS YAY!

Happy Chinese New Year! You can also download past years printable red packets:

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